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Textural oil paint, captivating color palette, and thick bold line is my signature approach to creating works on canvas and board. As an abstract painter, the texture of the painting is created from a combination of oil paint, cold wax, and oil sticks which are applied with brush, palette knife, and gloved hands. Color is an instrument used to create emotion and pleasure, and the bold line for spontaneous movement.


Since moving to Abiquiu, New Mexico the horse has become my object of desire, inspiration, and exploration. I am captivated with the body mass and musculature of the horse and its ability to move with dignity and speed. Its large arrow-shaped head carries the horse in a forward movement and is the connection between geometry, angles, and grace.


My goal is to capture the horse with its many personalities, power, spirit, and movement on canvas and impact the viewer with its magnificence.


I have been a working artist for over 20 years and am in many national and international collections, including Marriott, Proctor and Gamble and the Princess Maria Luisa of Bulgaria. Originally from the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky area, I have served on the Ky Arts Council and The Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center as Board President and Board Member in Covington, Kentucky.