artist statement

March, 2016


Susan Schuler has been a working artist for 25 years. Recently she moved to Abiquiu, NM from the Greater Cincinnati area, in order to be immersed in an environment that will greater stimulate her creative process. Abiquiu is an area with a spectacular ever-changing landscape and is rich in history and culture, with a strong respect and appreciation for performing and visual arts.

International exploration to developing countries has always influenced her work. In January, 2015 she was invited by the University of NM, Tamarind Division to travel to Cuba. The group visited Cuban artists in their homes and studios in a cultural exchange program.

“It is the studying of the human spirit that is revealed in worlds that are other than our own daily experiences, that sparks the creative spirit in my soul. Havana is such a place”

Previous to this journey, the music of Cuba was a catalyst for Schuler to be able to achieve abstraction. The resulting work, the Series titled “Cuban Music” was created in 2000.

“The music of Cuba propelled me into the abstract world. Soulful melodies and lyrics, hot salsas and jazz created a new world of color and rhythm for me to embrace”.

15 years later her dream of visiting Cuba became a reality. This body of work ”Havana” is a result of her dream being realized and honors the music, dance, courage, tenacity and the spirit of the Cuban people.